Man's Best Friend

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"The journey in life is sweeter when traveling with a dog!"



  • Kilo (Mixed Breed)
  • Arlo (Labador Retriever Puppy)
  • Penny (Golden Retriever)
  • Bear (Rottweiler)
  • Muffin (Husky)
  • Eddie (Jack Russel Terrier)
  • Loco (English Toy Terrier)
  • Kenji (Akita)
  • Apollo (Shepherd)
  • Pongo (Dalmation)
  • Hank (Doberman)
  • Spike (Bull Terrier)
  • Bruno (Pit Bull)
  • Lucky (Labador Retriever)
  • Bandit (Border Collie)
  • Bagel (Corgi)
  • Gus (Pug)
  • Tucker (Boxer)
  • Banjo (Beagle)
  • Bubba (Bulldog)


  • Oscar (Domestic Shorthair)

Meet The Family

All Aircraft

Asobo Character compatible

Featuring Kilo

Got Friends exclusive companion

More to Come

more dogs, more companions, more fun!

Your Best Friend

available as pilot and co-pilot options

Important Information:

This add-on extends the current available character set in Microsoft Flight Simulator to include animal companions. We plan on adding more animal types and breeds in the future with new updates. Companions can be selected in the GENERAL OPTIONS -> MISC settings under Pilot / Copilot Options. With this approach, companions are compatible with any aircraft utilizing the MSFS Character system.

NOTE: The placement of the companion is fully dependent on the location of the attachment point. This position is not modified by our add-on. If the companion's position is clipping through the seat or only available in External View, this is because the aircraft you are using does not have an optimal setup for a companion. These positions are maintained by the respective aircraft developer(s) and we will not be modifying positions or LODs in any aircraft.

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