Savage Carbon
Savage Carbon

Savage Carbon

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A more powerful, stronger and meaner Savage Cub, retrofitted to be a true bush machine. The Savage Carbon is a custom backcountry aircraft built to be a versatile high-performance stick and rudder bush machine that excels at STOL.

  • Manifest Updated to v2.1.2.
  • Fixed Multiplayer Wheel Issue
  • Added New 29" Bush Wheels
  • Fixed Multiplayer Model Matching with Asobo's Savage Cub
  • Added VR Yoke Compatibility
  • Fixed ATC Callouts for Model/Manufacturer
  • Edited Hangar Description
  • Removed Unused LODs
  • Updated Sounds to Latest Asobo Savage Cub Sounds
  • Updated Checklists to Latest Asobo Savage Cub Checklist
  • Updated RTCs to Latest Asobo Savage Cub RTCs
  • Added All Liveries to Master Folder
  • Added All Liveries to single Aircraft.cfg
  • Added Panel.NR (No Reg), Panel.WR (White) and Panel (Reg) for Liveries
  • Community Liveries for Savage Carbon are still Compatible

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