MonsterNX Cub

MonsterNX Cub

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This MonsterNX Cub is first and foremost a high-fidelity realism mod of the default Asobo MSFS Cub Crafters NXCub bushplane. It flies like the real thing, hitting all the numbers. The engine's been upgraded to the best Cub Crafters has to offer: the Lycoming 393i 215HP powerplant. Propeller performance too has been accurately modelled. 
  • Manifest Updated to v2.0.1.
  • Added VR Yoke Compatibility
  • Fixed Multiplayer Model Matching with Asobo's NXCub
  • Fixed ATC Callouts for Model/Manufacturer
  • Edited Hangar Description
  • Removed Unused LODs
  • Updated Sounds to Latest Asobo NXCub Sounds
  • Updated Checklists to Latest Asobo NXCub Checklist
  • Added All Liveries to Master Folder
  • Added All Liveries to single Aircraft.cfg
  • Added Panel.NR (No Reg) and Panel (Reg) for Liveries
  • Community Liveries for MonsterNX are still Compatible

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