Avitar: Valor

Avitar: Valor

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Avitar: Valor adds six World War II characters that you can fly with during your warbird expeditions. Take them into battle whether they be in the co-pilot seat or the pilot seat! These characters are highly detailed to give you a glimpse into the future of our plans to add more Avitars to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Important Information:

Avitar: Valor adds six WWII Characters to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Avitars can be selected in the GENERAL OPTIONS -> MISC Settings Menu under Pilot / Co-Pilot. Avitars are compatible with any aircraft utilizing Asobo's Character System.

NOTE: Placement of our Avitars are fully dependent on the location of the aircraft's pilot / co-pilot attachment points. These positions are not modified by our add-ons. If an Avitar is clipping through the seat or only available in External View, this is because the aircraft does not have an optimal setup for Asobo Characters. These positions and arm / leg animations are maintained by the respective aircraft developer(s) and we will not be modifying these settings in any aircraft.

If you encounter any issues with Avitar positions and / or animations, we highly encourage you to contact the aircraft developer and notify them that their aircraft is not Asobo Character ready.

  • Felix Thompson
  • Max Sterling
  • Arthur Johnson
  • Eugene Robinson
  • Thomas Williams
  • David Jackson

Felix Thompson

Fictional WWII Pilot

Max Sterling

Fictional WWII Pilot

Arthur Johnson

Fictional WWII Pilot

Eugene Robinson

Fictional WWII Pilot

Thomas Williams

Fictional WWII Pilot

David Jackson

Fictional WWII Pilot