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MonsterNX Cub

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The MonsterNX Cub is a high-fidelity realism mod of the default Asobo MSFS Cub Crafters NXCub bushplane. It flies like the real thing, hitting all the numbers. The engine's been upgraded to the best Cub Crafters has to offer: the Lycoming 393i 215HP powerplant. Propeller performance too has been accurately modelled. 

MonsterNX is now officially part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection. 

This website download includes only the MonsterNX in an individual package.

If you wish to automate your updates, we highly recommend purchasing our Got Friends: Legacy Collection in the near future on the in-game marketplace for $4.99. The MonsterNX will stay freeware on our website and identical to the version being bundled on the marketplace. Xbox Series will not be able to install this aircraft from our website due to Microsoft Restrictions and will only be available to purchase via the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

NOTICE: Due to the upcoming Marketplace Release, all community liveries will need to have their fallbacks updated. Please do not install additional liveries into the Community Folder until the respective artist has updated their package(s).

Official Version has reset to 1.0.0. in order to match In-Game Marketplace Requirements. This version is identical to the upcoming release version of the MonsterNX that will be part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

  • New Folder Structure
  • New Flight Model
  • New Coding
  • New Systems
  • New Visual Effects
  • Native Features Added

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