MonsterNX Cub

MonsterNX Cub

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This MonsterNX Cub is first and foremost a high-fidelity realism mod of the default Asobo MSFS Cub Crafters NXCub bushplane. It flies like the real thing, hitting all the numbers. The engine's been upgraded to the best Cub Crafters has to offer: the Lycoming 393i 215HP powerplant. Propeller performance too has been accurately modelled. 
  • Complete Flight Model Overhaul
  • Real NXCub Performance Matching
  • 120ft Take-Off | 80ft Landing (Demonstrated)
  • Augmented High Performance Brakes
  • Redesigned Flap Setup
  • Groundhandling Retuned
  • Accurate Lycoming CC393i Power Profile
  • Authentic Navigation Light Intensity, Colors and Beams
  • Tail Spring Skid behaves like a Spring Skid
  • Ground Effect Tuned
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Retuned and Optimized
  • Optimized Panel Reg/No Reg to Liveries

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