Savage Grravel
Savage Grravel
Savage Grravel

Savage Grravel

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The Savage Grravel is a monster truck in the skies! It is heavily inspired by Mike Patey’s Scrappy. It is equipped with a converted Ford Mustang 230HP 2.5L V6 engine (+90HP with NOS), a 3-bladed STOL optimized propeller and 35" Alaskan Bush wheels.
  • Fixed Asobo 3D Model Wheel Camber
  • Adjusted Bush Wheel Stance
  • Added Parking Brake ON to Apron
  • Adjusted Propeller Rotation
  • Complete Flight Model Overhaul
  • Custom Ground Physics Overhaul
  • Updated all Thumbnails
  • Removed Unnecessary FLT Files

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