F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat

F4F-4 Wildcat

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  • Requires Manual Installation
  • Community Content on Flightsim.to

Can I Refund?

Due to the nature of this product being digitally available, purchases of this product are non-refundable. 

What if I Bought Two Copies?

We do make exceptions to the rule above. If the purchase was accidental, drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!

Latest Changelog:

  • Re-implemented Multiplayer Visual Effects and Wing Fold
  • Additional SU-15 Patch Fixes (Removed Temp Coding)
  • Updated Manifest.json
The Wildcat

"Hold the Line" and your wits as you deeply immerse yourself in one of WWII's most iconic warbirds.

"I Want you in the Navy"
Carrier Support

Whether on Land or on Sea, drop your tail hook and grab your stick as our built-in assisted launch throws you right into the action!

Fun with friends

Dogfight Ready!

Multiplayer ready gunfire, visual effects, sounds and additional emergency signal flares.

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Six .50 caliber M2 Browning Machine Guns with Hotkey Support and optional Gun Camera View

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