Lake Skipper
Lake Skipper
Lake Skipper

Lake Skipper

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Designed to fly just feet above the water's surface, the Lake Skipper harnesses the power of high-performance ground effect flying while delivering a heart-pumping flight experience like no other. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Lake Skipper is the perfect fusion of speed, power, and agility, allowing you to rip through the air and water with ease.

Lake Skipper is now officially part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection. 

This website download includes only the Lake Skipper in an individual package.

If you wish to automate your updates, we highly recommend purchasing our Got Friends: Legacy Collection in the near future on the in-game marketplace for $4.99. The Lake Skipper will stay freeware on our website and identical to the version being bundled on the marketplace. Xbox Series will not be able to install this aircraft from our website due to Microsoft Restrictions and will only be available to purchase via the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

Official Version has reset to 1.0.0. in order to match In-Game Marketplace Requirements. This version is identical to the upcoming release version of the Lake Skipper that will be part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

  • New Folder Structure
  • New Flight Model
  • New Coding
  • New Systems
  • New Visual Effects
  • Native Features Added

SU-15 Beta: Version 1.0.1. Changelog:

  • Adjusted Float Points for SU-15

Current Stable Version

1.0.0. (SU-14)

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Current Beta Version

1.0.1. (SU-15 Beta)

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