Gee Bee R3 Special
Gee Bee R3 Special
Gee Bee R3 Special
Gee Bee R3 Special
Gee Bee R3 Special
Gee Bee R3 Special

Gee Bee R3 Special

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  • Digital Download Required
  • Requires Manual Installation
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Can I Refund?

Due to the nature of this product being digitally available, purchases of this product are non-refundable. 

What if I Bought Two Copies?

We do make exceptions to the rule above. If the purchase was accidental, drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please Delete any Gee Bee R3 Special Replacement Packages as they are not supported anymore in Version 2.0.7. , GTN-750 compatibility is built-into the Gee Bee by default!
  • Optimized 3D Model with New Exporter
  • Fixed Multiplayer Pink HTML Screens
  • Removed .FLT Files Not Needed
  • Updated Flight Model
  • Updated Engine Model
  • Updated Ground Handling
  • Updated Airbrakes with Custom Physics
  • Updated Localization File
  • Updated Effects Fallbacks
  • Added ATC Callout Voice Fix
  • Added Working Title WT430 Compatibility
  • Added GTN/GNS Switch (Swap Navigation Packages)
  • Integrated GTN-750 WTT into Aircraft
  • Added Navigation Option Persistence
  • Phased Out GTN-750 & Unofficial Edition Standalone Packages
  • Unofficial Edition is No Longer Officially Supported Due to 3D Model Constraints
  • Updated Manifest to Latest Version
Release the flames
Nitrous Oxide System

Equipped with a Nitrous Oxide System that can give you an extra boost during any race.

Smoke the competition
Aerobatic Smoke System

5-Color Smoke System fully compatible in Multiplayer.

Fun with friends

Airshow Ready

The Gee Bee R3 is fully capable of executing Inverted Flight, Snap Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Loops, Cuban Eights, Hammerheads, Knife Edges and many more aerobatic maneuvers.

Official Trailer

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