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  • If you downloaded either the "Economy" or "Sky4Sim" optional Replacement Packages from our website in the past for prior versions of the Mini-500, please delete them from your Community Folder before using the new v1.0.7. update. These features are now built into the Mini-500 by default and we will be phasing out all replacement packages in the future for our other products in a similar matter.

CHANGELOG: Version 1.0.7.

  • Fixed Collective Animation Issue

CHANGELOG: Version 1.0.6.

  • Default Behaviors' is Governor ON with Twist Grip Automated
  • Governor Re-Added to Cockpit
  • Twist Grip Re-Added to Cockpit
  • Governor Automated Control Tuned
  • N1 Over RPM (Governor On) Fixed
  • Flight Model Adjusted (RPM/Governor Control)
  • Flight Model Adjusted (Trim Values)
  • Trim(s) Interactions on Cyclic Re-Added
  • Visual Effects Toggle (Black Button on Cyclic) (Permanence)
  • Stall Effects Toggle (Switch Below Fuel Pump) (Permanence)
  • Working Title Garmin 530 Fully Implemented and is now Default
  • Removed Economy Replacement Package (Not Needed Anymore)
  • Added Sky 4 Sim Toggle to Top of Tablet (Power Button)
  • Removed Sky 4 Sim Replacement Package (Not Needed Anymore)
  • Re-Added Clutch Switch (Still INOP) (Waiting on Asobo's Fix for Turbine Engines)
  • Updated Flight Manual with New Information

Custom MGL Avionics

Includes 7 Monitoring Pages

Visual Effects

Multiple Landing, Downwash, Combustion, Heat, Rain and Icing Effects

Native Flight Model

Built for Microsoft Flight Simulator using the new Helicopter SDK

In-Sim Avionics Swap

Exchangable GTR-220 Radio and GNS-530 Navigation Systems

Explore the Virtual Cockpit

Website Exclusive
Stealth Livery

U.S. Navy Fuselage, Rotor Tip Lights, Head Tracking HUD, and Mounted Mini-Guns

Website Exclusive
Hunter Livery

Camouflaged Fuselage equipped with Compound Bow

Fun with friends

Hey, that's my Helicopter!

Group flights have never been so fun! Never worry about showing up to the party wearing the same paint as your neighbor. The extensive amount of liveries available will allow you to stay unique in a crowd.

Official Trailer