Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series

Wilga 35/80 Series

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  • Digital Download Required
  • Requires Manual Installation
  • Community Content on Flightsim.to

Can I Refund?

Due to the nature of this product being digitally available, purchases of this product are non-refundable. 

What if I Bought Two Copies?

We do make exceptions to the rule above. If the purchase was accidental, drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!


Please Delete the "gotfriends-wilga-gtn-750xi" Replacement Package from your Community Folder if you were previously using this optional package. The GTN-750Xi is now built into the Wilga and available to the right of the GTN-750 Switch. Also, if you are using ANY old replacement packages for the Wilga, please delete them from your Community Folder. All navigation options are now built into the Wilga by default and you will never need to install optional replacement packages for this aircraft in the future.


If you download directly from the "Update Email" you still we be downloading from Amazon Web Services. Thus, you may encounter slow download speeds. However, if you log into your Got Friends account on our Website and download directly from your Purchase Order History, you will now be redirected to a new download server, which has proved to have faster speeds.


  • Updated Navigation Overhaul to Include TDS' GTN-750Xi Option
  • New GTN-750Xi Switch (Built-In) (Replaced Extra Engine Realism Switch)
  • New Systems.cfg on All Variants
  • Added Permanence for Navigation and Tablet Options
  • NOTE: Engine Realism Toggle is still accessible via the Clipboard
  • NOTE: 35X/80X Does Not have a 2nd Aera by Design
  • NOTE: PMS50 GTN-750 Required for GTN-750 Use
  • NOTE: TDS GTN-750XI Required for GTN-750Xi Use
  • NOTE: Sky4SimNG Required for Sky4Sim Tablet Use

English and Polish Variants

Also Available
Modern Avionics Suite - 35X/80X

Includes a Digital Attitude Indicator, Digital Clock, Garmin GTR-225, Garmin GTX-330, and a Garmin Aera-760 Navigation System.

Forwood Farm

Hand-Crafted by Emerald Scenery Design in partnership with Got Friends.


35A/80 Variants

20" Tundra Tires - 260 HP

The Standard Option for a Classic Polskie Doświadczenie.

35H/80H Variants

LAP-3000 Floats - 285 HP

The Lakeside Option for a True Floatplane Getaway.

35P/80P Variants

29" Alaskan Bush Wheels - 360 HP

The Wilderness Option for an Outdoor Bush Adventure.

35X/80X Variants

35" Alaskan Bush Wheels - 450 HP

The Aggressive Option for a Unique Back-Country Expedition.

Fun with friends

Interactive Cargo

Unload your cargo, cook some potato hash, grab a drink, and play the guitar.