Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series
Wilga 35/80 Series

Wilga 35/80 Series

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  • Digital Download Required
  • Requires Manual Installation
  • Community Content on Flightsim.to

Can I Refund?

Due to the nature of this product being digitally available, purchases of this product are non-refundable. 

What if I Bought Two Copies?

We do make exceptions to the rule above. If the purchase was accidental, drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!

  • Forwood Farms Updated (Emerald Scenery Design)
  • Fine-Tuned Flight Model Characteristics
  • Updated Groundhandling Behaivors
  • New Smoke Effects and Code
  • Updated Type 400A Integrated Flight Director
  • Toggle Recognition Lights Assigned to Flight Director (On/Off)
  • Optimized CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Visors Now Fully Adjustable

English and Polish Variants

Also Available
Modern Avionics Suite - 35X/80X

Includes a Digital Attitude Indicator, Digital Clock, Garmin GTR-225, Garmin GTX-330, and a Garmin Aera-760 Navigation System.

Forwood Farm

Hand-Crafted by Emerald Scenery Design in partnership with Got Friends.


35A/80 Variants

20" Tundra Tires - 260 HP

The Standard Option for a Classic Polskie Doświadczenie.

35H/80H Variants

LAP-3000 Floats - 285 HP

The Lakeside Option for a True Floatplane Getaway.

35P/80P Variants

29" Alaskan Bush Wheels - 360 HP

The Wilderness Option for an Outdoor Bush Adventure.

35X/80X Variants

35" Alaskan Bush Wheels - 450 HP

The Aggressive Option for a Unique Back-Country Expedition.

Fun with friends

Interactive Cargo

Unload your cargo, cook some potato hash, grab a drink, and play the guitar.

Official Trailer

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