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Vertigo is your swiss army knife in the skies. She can do it all: cruise world tours in absolute comfort, STOL the shortest strips in a challenging environment or fly - and win - air races. Inspired by Mike Patey's "Turbulence", she has the same blood running through her veins: the legendary PT6A 850HP turbine engine. Add to that a 6 bladed constant speed prop plus a composite airframe and you've got a competitive racer.

Vertigo is now officially part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection. 

This website download includes only the Vertigo in an individual package.

If you wish to automate your updates, we highly recommend purchasing our Got Friends: Legacy Collection in the near future on the in-game marketplace for $4.99. The Vertigo will stay freeware on our website and identical to the version being bundled on the marketplace. Xbox Series will not be able to install this aircraft from our website due to Microsoft Restrictions and will only be available to purchase via the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

NOTICE: Due to the Massive Overhaul in Version 1.0.1. Beta (Upcoming with SU-15), all community liveries will need to have their fallbacks updated. Please do not install additional liveries into the Community Folder until the respective artist has updated their package(s).

Official Version has reset to 1.0.0. in order to match In-Game Marketplace Requirements. This version is identical to the upcoming release version of the Vertigo that will be part of the Got Friends: Legacy Collection.

  • New Folder Structure
  • New Flight Model
  • New Coding
  • New Systems
  • New Visual Effects
  • Native Features Added

SU-15 Beta: Version 1.0.1. Changelog:

  • Added PMS-50 GTN-750 WTT
  • Re-Configured Cockpit 3D Models
  • Added Working Title G3X Compatibility
  • Updated Flight Model
  • Updated Engine Dynamics
  • Updated Autopilot Functionality
  • Various Sound Updates
  • Various Texture Fallback Updates

Current Stable Version

1.0.0. (SU-14)

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Current Beta Version

1.0.1. (SU-15 Beta)
Includes GTN-750 Variant (Requires PMS-50)

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