Ole' Canoe

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Explore the waterways of Microsoft Flight Simulator in this one-of-a-kind experience designed to relax and engage your outdoor senses. Paddle your way down the river in one of four included liveries. Don't forget to bring your friends! A canoe trip isn't the same without tipping their canoe!
  • Added Cat Companion and Animations
  • Added Dog + Cat Companion Option
  • Reworked Passenger Weight and Balance Options
  • Added Lantern, Animations, and Ignite Clickable
  • Added Lantern Cockpit Camera
  • Reworked Cargo Weight and Balance Options
  • Added Got Friends Livery
  • Added Carbon Fiber Livery

New Cargo Options:

  • Over 0 lbs: Compass, Drink Holder and Drink
  • Over 5 lbs: All the Above + Lantern
  • Over 10 lbs: All the Above + Fishing Bag & Fishing Pole
  • Over 20 lbs: All the Above + Drink Cooler

New Passenger Options:

  • Over 0 lbs: Cat Companion
  • Over 20 lbs: Dog Companion
  • Over 60 lbs: Cat and Dog Companion
  • Over 100 lbs: Human Companion (Will Hide Cooler)

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A Relaxing Experience
Take a Break

Explore the waterways of Microsoft Flight Simulator in this one-of-a-kind addon.

includes animated paddle
Intuitive Controls

Rotate your HOTAS Stick or Gamepad Stick to move your canoe through the waterway. Don't forget to do a "stirring" motion for maximum realism. Turn your canoe using rudder/twist grip, but be careful not to tip your canoe over!

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