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Astro ONE
Astro ONE
Astro ONE
Astro ONE
Astro ONE
Astro ONE

Astro ONE

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  • Digital Download Required
  • Requires Manual Installation
  • Community Content on

Can I Refund?

Due to the nature of this product being digitally available, purchases of this product are non-refundable. 

What if I Bought Two Copies?

We do make exceptions to the rule above. If the purchase was accidental, drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!

Real World Insight

Heavily inspired by the Jetson ONE, a formula one racing car for the sky.

Jetson is a Pioneering EVTOL company with a mission to change the way we travel. They aim to make the skies available for everyone with their safe personal electric aerial vehicle.

  • Added new Astro One Roller Coaster Track by PhotosbyKev (ICAO: AORC)
  • Added Astro One Canyon Track as part of the Astro One (ICAO: ASTC)
  • Please Delete the Astro One Canyon from your Community Folder if downloaded prior.
  • Adjusted Rotor Animations for Smooth Scaling
  • Improved "Unlimited Fuel" logic with Battery Persistence.
  • Fixed Broken Loading Tips.

Dynamic Safety & RGB Lights

Also Available
Optional Body Kits

Includes optional Propeller Guards, Mirrors, Plexiglass Seatbucket, Safety Lights, RGB Inlaid Paint Schemes, and Blade Tip Lights with Persistance.

Astro Corsa

Hand-Crafted by Emerald Scenery Design in partnership with Got Friends. Take your Astro ONE to Moab, Utah and race your friends on this futuristic racetrack.


Astro One Roller Coaster

Hand-Crafted by PhotosbyKev in partnership with Got Friends. Transport yourself to a Cosmic Twilight Zone and experience the weird and unusual as you race your friends in this out-of-world race track.


Astro Canyon

Hand-Crafted by Jonx Simulations of Got Friends. Take your Astro ONE to Moab, Utah and race your friends through canyons, cliffs, and caves in this western setting race track.


Flight Display System

A fully robust flight system with easy to read flight information, flight mode monitoring, and warning indicators.

Sport Mode & Boost Overdrive

Unleash your full potential and activate Sport Mode to increase maneuver rates while also dynamically boosting your motors up to 12,000 rpm for 4-seconds.

Terrain Tracking Mode

Activate Terrain Tracking Mode for a near hands-free experience by utilizing your on-board LIDAR system to maintain an adjustable safety altitude.

Hover Mode

Need to stop with precision? Activate Hover Mode to stop all momentum, center your aircraft, and prepare for landing whenever you need to.

Fun with friends

24 Liveries with Custom Lighting

Select your livery from our selection of 24 liveries. Each livery comes with custom inlaid exterior lighting panels, RGB Motor Lights, and Blade Tip Lights.

Official Trailer

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